Were do I put the html code that paypal gives me to make direct payments from credit card and debit in the coding? The coding were I usualy put my paypal account email adress (hostgator file manager, configg.inc)looks like this:

// Paid Promotions //
$enable_promotions = TRUE;

// Enable featured ads
$enable_featured_ads = TRUE;

// Enable extended ads (ads that run longer)
$enable_extended_ads = TRUE;

// Payment Gateway //

// Paypal account to receive payments.
$paypal_email = “user@hotmail.com”;

// Valid paypal currecncy code for payments.
// All paypal transactions will take place in this currency.
$paypal_currency = “CAD”;

// Symbol to show for the specified paypal currency.
// This is what the user sees next to the prices for paid options.
$paypal_currency_symbol = “$”;