Hi All I need some desperate feedback in regards to my website. My brand is Jmcks Designs and I have been selling designs covering many different topics of interest which have done reall well since its humble beginnings. However I decide to implement my skills into designing movie posters! basically a customer would upload a photo! I would then take that photo and and merge it into any movie – cartoon – superhero or anything else of their choice. I offer a great skill set whilst doing this which is very precise. The fact is I am not getting many sales in regards to this new webpage idea! noone seems interested, when I think of Fiver.com I feel Iit should be happening for me given some of the bogus designers! my price is cheap and I offer free P&P. I advertise daily. Infact my home page ‘Custom Made Travel Tshirts’ or jmcks.com comes up top of Google, so I know my methods of SEO marketing are up there. And yet noone seems to wanna buy what seems to be selling all over the internet. I would love your comments and ide