I have decided that I want to build a website particularly about video game entertainment, however I would like to make it very different. I would like avatars to be available and items to clothe them. The avatar is almost like a “pet,” a very small feature of the site but gives you a sense of responsibility for it and can kill time while you post on the site forums. The site would provide access to all kinds of video game media entertainment and free games, as well as constant social media updates.

I started learning web development on my spare time but I am confused on what skills I will need to take this idea further. I currently have someone hosting WP Engine hosting my WordPress site but I’m not sure how much customization I have over my site via WordPress themes so I started picking up web development to have full control of my website.

So 2 questions,

1: To start, how can I create my website to have the same posting functionality of a WordPress site? For example, a grid based magazine site.

2: In the long run, should I consider hiring a team to help bring the idea to life? I would like to start off simple, a grid based informative website with a forum attached. Then branch off to things like avatars and items, quests and other interactive fun things for the visitor.

Thank you very kindly for reading my post.